Cling Stamps – Have You Tried Them Uet?

GIF cling stamps from Stampin' Up!

Let’s start with the above GIF about cling stamps. How did you like it? Are you intrigued?

I own a few sets of cling stamps, and I realized today that I have not yet used them. Since I had heard they are different from other styles, I wanted to be prepared, so today I studied the available material to ensure I use them correctly. Now I want to share my learning with you. First, relax! I, too, was a little nervous, and the truth is that we need to use caution with this style of stamps. But, they will not hurt us, and we can only hurt them by being careless, so let’s go!!

Stampin’ Up! first introduced cling stamps in Japan in 2018. They have been a smashing success – they “cling” strongly to clear blocks and/or to the Stamparatus without shifting, which enables clean stamping. They replace the former clear-mount and wood-mount stamps. Going forward, all new stamp sets will be either cling or photoplymer. There are still a few wood-mount stamp sets (mostly background stamps) in the 2019-2020 Annual Catalog, but most stamps have transitioned.  

So, what are cling stamps by Stampin’ Up!?  In a nutshell, they are improved, classic red-rubber stamps with a new style of label to adhere to each stamp. They cling like crazy to your acrylic blocks or Stamparatus plates every time you use them, so they don’t slide, slip or fall off. Once you adhere the coordinating label on the back of each stamp, you will be better able to identify and align/position the stamp. There is a foam layer on the cling stamps between the label and the rubber that allows you to stamp without needing a foam pad. You will get crisp and clear images with these new stamps.

What’s the big deal about these stamps? Well, they are an improvement, but, since they are new, we will need to change and adjust, and they may take some “getting used to”. There is a learning curve that I have not yet mastered, but I will. After reviewing the available information, adhering a few labels, and stamping a few times, we will all be pros!

Labeling cling stamps is a slightly different process than we are used to. It is important to follow the prescribed steps to assemble the stamps. Each cling stamp case includes labeling instructions.

I highly recommend a four + minute video from Natalie at Stampin’ Up!. She provides great information about how to assemble the stamps and labels, how to use them, and how to care for them. Please click here to access the video.

Reminder: Once you place the label on the stamp, it is adhered permanently. Attempting to remove or adjust the label will damage the stamp’s foam. Here is a recap of the steps for preparing the stamp:

  1. Remove the paper backing from the label.
  2. Remove your selected stamp from the rubber sheet and remove the paper backing from the stamp.
  3. Line up the foam side of the stamp with the image label, then press it evenly to adhere it to the label. Make sure it is correctly positioned before you adhere it to the stamp.
  4. Remove the stamp and its newly-affixed image label from the label sheet.
  5. Place the stamp on an acrylic block or on a Stamparatus to begin stamping. Make sure the surface is clean and dry to ensure the stamp adheres properly.

To remove the stamp from the block, grasp securely near the image label and remove slowly. (Cling stamps stick so well that if they are not carefully removed from the block, the foam can tear.)

To clean the stamps, we recommend the Stampin’ Mist with the Stampin’ Scrub, or the Simply Shammy, available in the 2019-2020 Annual Catalog, and through my online store.

To clean the labels, simply rinse under running water. Avoid alcohol-based cleaners.

Here is a helpful instruction sheet for mounting cling stamps. You can click below to download and print it.

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So, do you feel prepared to try cling stamps? Are you ready to master this? I think I am. Tomorrow, I am going to start with the Daisy Lane stamp set, and adhere the label on the large daisy stamp. I will let you know how it goes!!

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Happy stamping,

Linda K, The Stamp Coach