It’s time to redeem you Bonus Days coupons. You earned a $5 coupon in August with each $50 you spent. It is now September and you get to use your coupons for a discount on your order. Yay!!

  • You can place an order and use your coupons for a discount now, or you can wait until the holiday catalog goes live on September 5th. 
  • There is no limit to the number of coupons you use on a single order. If you have multiple $5 coupons, you can use them all on one order, or place multiple orders throughout the month. 
  • Each coupon can be redeemed one time only.
  • The coupons expire at the end of September. 

Stampin' Up! Bonus Days Coupon Redemption

Are you wondering how to use the coupons to receive the discount on your order? Please review the steps below, and contact me with questions.

How to Redeem Stampin' Up! Bonus Days CouponsSteps for Redeeming Stampin' Up! Bonus Days Coupons

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The 2018 Holiday Catalog goes live on September 5th, and I think you will love the products and the possibilities. I will post more information in the next several days, so plan to visit again soon.

Thanks for visiting my site today. Please leave me a comment with any questions, and I will reply.

Take care,

Linda K, The Stamp Coach