As part of the 2018-2019 color revamp, Stampin’ Up! is introducing a new design for their Classic Stampin’ Pads (ink pads).  The ink formula is changing, and the new case is a little smaller and sleeker, as well as stackable, so it is easy to carry and easy to store.  It opens similar to a make-up compact case, which is a little more intuitive than the current case. To help us navigate this new design, there is a vide with tips and information.  You can get a beverage, sit back, and watch the video here.

In addition to the video, I have some Q and A about the new Classic Stampin’ Pads. Yes, that is questions and answers; not fancy stamp talk!  


Q.  Why change the case?
A.  Basically, to improve the design, and also to have it available with the introduction of the new colors.  I think you will love the new ink pads!! 

Q. What is better about the case?
A. It is simpler and more intuitive to open – just insert your thumb in the lip at the front of the case and lift it. I may even succeed at getting more ink on the paper and less on my thumb.

Q. What else is better about the case?
A.  There is a tighter fit between the lid and the base.  The lid doesn’t actually become disconnected, and with use, the lid will become easier to slide open and close.  But unfortunately, it will not make our morning coffee.

Q. Is there anything else that is better about the case?
A. Yes!  The ability to stack the cases makes them easier to store and transport.  There is a nub in each bottom corner that fits into a dimple on the top of another case. Removing the label stickers from the bottom of the case also helps the pads stack well.  

Q.  Are the labels improved?
A.  The top label now has a cleaner, bolder design and a larger color swatch, making it easier to see the color.

Q. Are there more improvements to the labels?
A. The stickers include a new In Color icon, and there are still color stickers that can be placed on the end of each case to identify the ink color at a glance.  And, there is a new color sticker you can place on the inside of the case to easily distinguish the color when the case is open. A shout out to Stampin’ Up! and the new labels!

Q. How is the ink different?
A. The new formula will reduce ink bubbles, and help smoothly coat the stamp, helping to lay down the ink better.

Q. How do I know if my Classic Ink Refill has the new and improved ink ?
A. Beginning with the 2018–2019 Annual Catalog, all ink refills will have the new formula. Also, if you recently received an ink refill and it has the new branding label, it contains the improved ink formula.

Q.  Can I use an old ink refill on a new ink pad or a new ink refill on an old ink pad?
A.  Yes! You absolutely can, with the exception of the Basic Gray Archival and Basic Gray Classic Stampin’ inks. Archival and Classic inks should not be mixed. All other Classic Stampin’ inks will work fine.

Q.  What about black inks?
The best options for black will be the Tuxedo Black Memento Pad to use with blends and general black stamping needs, and the Jet Black StāzOn Pad to use for watercolor and nonporous surface stamping. 

If you are eager to give the new ink and Classic Stampin’ Pads a try before the catalog goes live on June 1st at noon mountain time, there is a special promotion with the new 2018-2020 In Colors.  You can purchase the bundle of Stampin’ Pads now, through the end of May.


I hope most of your questions have been answered.  If not, please contact me.

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