Beginner Brochure Experience Creativity Stampin' Up!

“Experience Creativity”, The Beginner Brochure from Stampin’ Up! introduces kits, products and supplies for those new to stamping and paper crafting. Experience creativity with projects designed for beginners, get excited about stamping, and fall in love with the endless possibilities for making beautiful things with paper, stamps and ink.

The Beginner Brochure:

  1. Introduces new stampers to Stampin’ Up! 
  2. Offers a simple ordering experience.
  3. Provides products that give new stampers a successful experience.
  4. Encourages continued creativity

Looking for a new hobby? Start with the Beginner Brochure.

Want to give a crafting gift? Take a look at the products in the Beginner Brochure

Interested in kits that you can take along with you? Theses kits are also good for advanced stampers

The kits pictured below are included in the brochure. They are exclusive to the brochure, and not shown in catalogs, although you can order them online. You can purchase the items for each kit as a bundle, or you can pick and choose. Clicking on each image below will take you to the bundle in my online store.

There is a video for each kit that includes an overview of the contents and demonstrations for making the projects. The instructions are geared for beginners. Click the link below each picture to access the corresponding video.

Magnolia Blooms Beginner Brochure Stampin' Up!

Watch the Magnolia Blooms Video

Celebrate with Cake Beginner Brochure Stampin' Up!

Watch the Celebrate with Cake Video

Hoot Hoot Hooray Beginner Brochure Stampin' Up!

Watch the Hoot Hoot Hooray Video

Looking Up Beginner Brochure Stampin' Up!

Watch the Looking Up Card Kit Video

Delightful Day Tags Beginner Brochure Stampin' Up!

Watch the Delightful Day Tags Video

You can download a PDF file of the Experience Creativity, The Beginner Brochure 2019-2020. The items in the brochure are available until June 2, 2020. If you, or someone that you know would like a nice, shiny printed copy of the brochure, please contact me and I will send one to you.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you are excited about “Experience Creativity”, The Beginner Brochure. Please follow me on social media, and reach out with comments and questions at any time.  

Happy stamping,

Linda K, The Stamp Coach