Organize Your Stamping Supplies with Storage by Stampin’ Up!

Modular Storage by Stampin' Up!

I love this colorful picture of supreme organization. I want this on my craft table! And you know what? We can all have it!

As you acquire products and supplies from Stampin’ Up! you probably need, or soon will need storage. We are currently remodeling our house, so most of my supplies are packed in boxes that are hiding in a storage unit. Others are stacked in a hot mess in the home office. Below is a picture of my current reality (we do not even have light in the room!). I do not recommend this for optimal storage! Don’t be like Linda! Instead, take a look at the new storage items from Stampin’ Up! 

I need storage solutions from Stampin' Up!

Your Space, Your Way. The new storage solution is modular, stackable, adjustable, and reasonably priced. The pieces are great for small or large spaces so you can organize and customize. The modules are made of lightweight white plastic that is easy to clean. The tops are grooved, so each piece can rest securely on another, and there are peel-and-stick silicone feet included for the base pieces to prevent slipping and protect your surface. 

Storage by Stampin Up!

Organize your craft supplies to suit your needs. You can start with one, then add more, then stack them high or spread them out – whatever works for you. Keep your supplies tidy, visible and easy to access, then add more as your collection grows. Arrange and rearrange them to your heart’s desire, or until you have the best configuration for your space.

Take a moment to watch this cute stop-motion video about these stylish and durable storage pieces. The music is upbeat and fun, and will inspire you to clean and organize!!Stop-Motion Video Storage by Stampin' Up!Below are the storage products. Click on the images for more information in my online store.

Interested? Want to learn more? Click here for a printable document for configuring your space with the storage pieces. Contact me with questions or for more information.
You can find these products on pages #160 and #161 of the 2019-2020 Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalog, which you can access on the right panel of my blog. If you want a hard copy of the catalog, please let me know.
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Linda K, The Stamp Coach